Stateless Sessions for Stateful Minds: JWTs Explained and How You Can Make the Switch

Sebastián Peyrott. Web Dev Zone. 2016-09-08
In this article, we introduce the concept of stateless sessions for developers used to stateful sessions. We point out the benefits and how a team could go about switching from one to the other. We will also show a sample setup using JWTs obtained through Auth0.

[Stateless Sessions for Stateful Minds: JWTs Explained and How You Can Make the Switch ]


How To Be MEAN: Let’s Be DEAN

Ted Neward. MSDN Magazine. 2016-07-01.
Welcome back again, MEANers. Or, rather, for this month, “DEAN”ers.
One of the things that makes conversations and architecture around the MEAN stack so compelling is that the MEAN stack is intrinsically flexible—you can replace components of the stack with other, more-or-less-equivalent parts and create a new stack that can address corporate/business needs without surrendering the essence of the architecture. As a demonstration of that concept, in this column I’m going to experiment with replacing MongoDB with Microsoft Azure DocumentDB (hence, the “D” in place of the “M”).

[How To Be MEAN: Let’s Be DEAN]

Introduction to DocumentDB: A NoSQL JSON Database

Mimi Gentz. Mcrosoft Azure. 2016-07-01
Azure DocumentDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service built for fast and predictable performance, high availability, automatic scaling, global distribution, and ease of development. Its flexible data model, consistent low latencies, and rich query capabilities make it a great fit for web, mobile, gaming, and IoT, and many other applications that need seamless scale.

[Introduction to DocumentDB: A NoSQL JSON Database]