The Working Programmer – How To Be MEAN: Passport

Ted Neward. MSDN Magazine. 2016-06-01.
Welcome back, MEANers.
I’ve been doing a ton of server-side work and it’s getting close to the time that I start moving over to the client end of things. Before I do that, though, there’s one more thing that absolutely needs discussing before I can make the transition entirely. Specifically, I need to be able to support users. Most applications (if not all of them, by this point) require some kind of user authentication mechanism to establish a user’s identity, typically so that you can restrict the data that you show them or the options that you allow them to do within the system.
While it’s always tempting to “roll your own,” within the Node community, that’s just so 2010! The right answer to any of these kinds of dilemmas is always “go to npm,” and in this case, the widespread hands-down winner around authentication systems is a Node.js library called Passport.

The Working Programmer – How To Be MEAN: Passport