Aurelia JavaScript Framework Hits 1.0, Looks to the Future

David Iffland. InfoQueue. 2016-08-11.
The JavaScript framework Aurelia has reached its 1.0 release, capping off 18 months of intense work amid a very turbulent time in the JavaScript community.
Aurelia has emerged as an alternative to the Angular vs. React debate. Created by Rob Eisenberg, it’s goal is to provide a standards-based, modular framework with minimal boilerplate and ceremony.
Eisenberg, who was on the Angular team at one point, says that part of the reason he left is because of how Angular 2 was shaping up:
I realized that Angular 2 was not something I wanted to use, not something my community wanted to use, and probably wasn’t something that much of the Angular 1 community would want to use (if they knew everyting I knew). So, I left the Angular 2 team to build a next generation platform based on adherance to web standards, designed to solve the real problems that developers face in the real world
For their part, the Aurelia team is trying to make its adoption as easy as can be. They’ve provided numerous ways to get started with it, including a CLI tool, Webpack skeletons, JSPM skeletons, NPM, GitHub, Bower, and basic script tags.

[Aurelia JavaScript Framework Hits 1.0, Looks to the Future]

Aurelia 1.0

Aurelia is a JavaScript client framework for mobile, desktop and web leveraging simple conventions and empowering creativity.
Aurelia is an open source application platform. It’s sort of like Flex or Silverlight but it’s built entirely on open web technologies and is completely standards-based. You can use it to build browser apps, mobile apps and desktop apps. The platform is designed to stay out of your way, enabling great productivity, clean code and minimal vendor lock-in.

[Aurelia 1.0]