TypeScript 2.0 is now available!

Daniel Rosenwasser. TypeScript. 2016-09-22.
TypeScript 2.0 has been a great journey for the team, with several contributions from the community and partners along the way. It brings several new features that enhance developer productivity, advances TypeScript’s alignment with ECMAScript’s evolution, provides wide support for JavaScript libraries and tools, and augments the language service that powers a first class editing experience across tools.

[TypeScript 2.0 is now available!]

Tagged Unions, More Literals Previewed in TypeScript 2.0 RC

Michael Domingo. Visual Studio Magazine. 2016-09-07.
This TypeScript 2.0 release candidate shows off a few new features, such as tagged unions and support for more literal types, and flexes itself beyond excludes in the config file with support for globs and includes. Bonus: It’s “stable enough for general use,” says Microsoft.

[Tagged Unions, More Literals Previewed in TypeScript 2.0 RC]