Directive Angularjs. MVC With Angularjs

In AngularJS Directives are html re markers for a HTML DOM element like an attribute(restrict- A), element name(restrict- E), comment(restrict- M) or CSS class(restrict – C) that tell AngularJS’s HTML compiler ($compile) to perform a specified behavior to that DOM element or even transform the DOM element.
Directives are where you manipulate the DOM and catch DOM events. This is why the directive’s compile and link functions both receive the “element” as an argument. You can

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Angularjs. What Is Angularjs MVC With Angularjs
Angularjs is javascript framework created by google. The main idea of Angular is to combine well-known components, patterns and development practices in one framework that are straightforward to use and encourages following the best practices of web development. The underlying goal is that with Angular, developers can and will choose not just any solution that works, but the best-known solution, the “Angular way of doing things”.

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