IndexedDB API

IndexedDB is a low-level API for client-side storage of significant amounts of structured data, including files/blobs. This API uses indexes to enable high performance searches of this data. While DOM Storage is useful for storing smaller amounts of data, it is less useful for storing larger amounts of structured data. IndexedDB provides a solution. This is the main landing page for MDN’s IndexedDB coverage — here we provide links to the full API reference and usage guides, browser support details, and some explanation of key concepts.

[IndexedDB API]


Storing Lots of Data on the Client in JavaScript and TypeScript

Peter Vogel. Visual Studio Magazine. 2016-08-30.
IndexedDB allows you to store data on the client to let the user work offline and to reduce demands on the server. Here’s enough code to both get you started and to show you the difference between doing it in JavaScript and doing it in TypeScript.

[Storing Lots of Data on the Client in JavaScript and TypeScript]

Taking Pictures from HTML

Dino Esposito. Simple Talk. 2016-08-25.
Sometimes a request from a user who doesn’t appreciate the limitations of the technology can jolt you into discovering that an application feature that was, until recently, difficult to achieve is suddenly relatively easy. Dino was asked to allow the user to take photographs and associate them with an item of work. After he’d recovered from the shock, he decided that it was achievable, and now describes how he went on and did it.

[Taking Pictures from HTML]

WebGL Fundamentals

Gregg Tavares, February 9th, 2012. HTML 5 Rocks.
WebGL makes it possible to display amazing realtime 3D graphics in your browser but what many people don’t know is that WebGL is actually a 2D API, not a 3D API. Let me explain. WebGL only cares about 2 things. Clipspace coordinates in 2D and colors. Your job as a programmer using WebGL is to provide WebGL with those 2 things. You provide 2 “shaders” to do this. A Vertex shader which provides the clipspace coordinates and a fragment shader that provides the color.

[WebGL Fundamentals]