SignalR Simplified

Igor Vigdorchik. CodeProject. 2014-05-03.
What is SignalR
– Real-time HTTP-based asynchronous persistent connection communication framework for ASP.NET applications
– Runs in all browsers that support JavaScript
– Can be self-hosted
•Provides a rich server and client side APIs set
SignalR makes it easy to build real-time multi-user connected applications.
The goal of this article is not to provide a detailed explanation of SignalR architecture and internals, but rather to help you to jump start writing SignalR applications.
There are 3 steps involved in writing SignalR applications:
– Add SignalR components either through the new Visual Studio template or the NuGet package.
– Write the server code in your preferred .NET language.
– Write the client code in HTML and JavaScript.

[SignalR Simplified]


SignalR Progress Bar Simple Example – Sending Live Data from Server to Client

Denis Lazendić. CodeProject. 2016-09-06.
Simple project that shows how to use SignalR in ASP.NET MVC application to track progress of some long running process and display on clientside using Bootstrap modal.

[SignalR Progress Bar Simple Example – Sending Live Data from Server to Client]

Simple Weather Notification using SignalR

Ujjwal Gupta. CodeProject. 2016-08-06.
Signalr is a library for .NET developers for adding real time functionality to the Application made using .NET technology (ASP.NET Application, C# console Application, WPF Application, Windows phone Application etc.). It is open source and you can download it from GitHub.
The GitHub URL for SignalR is –
Here, i am going to create a simple weather notification app that will notify all connected users the changed weather instantly (real time).

[Simple Weather Notification using SignalR]