Consuming WCF service in Core

Microsoft introduced an update to the WCF Connected Service Preview for generating SOAP service references for clients built on top of WCF for .NET Core RC2.
To consume a WCF Service, first you need to install the WCF Connected Service extension.You can download and install WCF Connected Service extension using Extensions and Updates feature from Tools. Or you can download it from Visual Studio Gallery.
Please make sure you are installing the required prerequisites, otherwise it may not install successfully.
Once the installation is completed successfully, you can create a new ASP.NET Project and consume the service. This tool retrieves metadata from a WCF service in the current solution, locally or on a network, and generates a .NET Core 1.0.0 compatible source code file for a WCF client proxy that you can use to access the service.

[Consuming WCF service in Core]