Console Framework

Kostromin Igor/consoleframework
Console framework is cross-platform toolkit that allows to develop TUI applications using C# and based on WPF-like concepts.
-Declarative markup (custom lightweight XAML implementation)
-Data binding (integrated with XAML markup)
-Retained mode rendering system
-WPF-compatible simple and flexible layout system
-A lot of controls available (including Grid, ScrollViewer, ListBox, ComboBox)
-Routed events system (compatible with WPF)
-Windows, Mac OS X and any Linux (32-bit or 64-bit) support

[Console Framework]


Turbo Vision resurrected – for C# and with XAML now

Kostromin Igor. CodeProject. 2014-04-02.
There are many APIs for creating GUI applications. They progress in development, staying more convinient, simplier, better. But nobody cares about old good text user interface ! Though it is very simple way to create application that can run on all platforms, including launching in terminal emulator connected via SSH. Imho, it is omission.When I was little and was studied at school, I had the Pentium I 133MHz computer. I used many TUI programs and I was impressed of how they were look like. It was RAR archiver, Norton Commander, FAR manager. But when I wanted to write something like it, I was dissappointed in tools that were available.
And I have decided to write my own library to provide the easiest and most efficient way to implement simple TUI applications using modern technologies.

[Turbo Vision resurrected – for C# and with XAML now]