R for SQL Server 2016

Jonathan Allen. InfoQueue 2016-02-11.
The R programming language was started in 1993 and saw its first production quality release in 2000. Since then, R has become an industry standard for statistical analysis with nearly a dozen graphical interfaces as well as packages for various IDEs and text editors.
Commercial support for R is offered by Revolution Analytics, a nine-year-old company that was recently acquired by Microsoft as part of their big data and machine learning initiatives. The result of this acquisition is support for R in the upcoming SQL Server 2016.

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F# R Type Provider

The F# Type Provider is a mechanism that enables smooth interoperability between F# and R. The Type Provider discovers R packages that are available in your R installation and makes them available as .NET namespaces underneath the parent namespace RProvider.
The Type Provider makes it possible to use all of R capabilities, from the F# interactive environment. It enables on-the-fly charting and data analysis using R packages, with the added benefit of IntelliSense over R, and compile-time type-checking that the R functions you are using exist. It allows you to leverage all of .NET libraries, as well as F# unique capabilities to access and manipulate data from a wide variety of sources via Type Providers.

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