Visual Studio Code 1.7

There are a number of significant updates in this version, some of the key highlights include:
Horizontal layout – Organize your editors in either vertical or horizontal groups.
Keyboard Shortcuts Reference – New printable keyboard shortcuts PDF cheat sheet.
CSS autocompletion within HTML – Get rich auto completions for CSS embedded in your HTML.
Debug hit count control – Set breakpoint hit count conditions.
Simplified Node.js debugging – Easily configure your Node.js debugging sessions.
Keymaps for Sublime and Atom – You can now use these well-known keyboard shortcuts in VS Code.
Disable extensions – Quickly disable an Extension globally or for a specific workspace.
Improved TypeScript and JavaScript Grammar – The Dark+ themes now colorize variable and function references.
Extension Packs – View dependencies of an extension pack right in the extension details.
[Visual Studio Code 1.7]