Visual Studio Code 1.7

There are a number of significant updates in this version, some of the key highlights include:
Horizontal layout – Organize your editors in either vertical or horizontal groups.
Keyboard Shortcuts Reference – New printable keyboard shortcuts PDF cheat sheet.
CSS autocompletion within HTML – Get rich auto completions for CSS embedded in your HTML.
Debug hit count control – Set breakpoint hit count conditions.
Simplified Node.js debugging – Easily configure your Node.js debugging sessions.
Keymaps for Sublime and Atom – You can now use these well-known keyboard shortcuts in VS Code.
Disable extensions – Quickly disable an Extension globally or for a specific workspace.
Improved TypeScript and JavaScript Grammar – The Dark+ themes now colorize variable and function references.
Extension Packs – View dependencies of an extension pack right in the extension details.
[Visual Studio Code 1.7]


Peachpie Compiling PHP to .NET Core with Visual Studio Code

Jakub Míšek. Peachpie. 2016-09-06.
Up until recently, it was rather difficult to play around with Peachpie, as everything had to be done on the command line. However, this has now changed. This article will show you how to set up Peachpie compiler very easily, so that you can start experimenting with it.In this tutorial, we make use of the VS Code editor, which is easy to set up. VS Code is quite a fast editor with a built-in .NET debugger and provides a simple, comfortable PHP editing experience.

[Peachpie Compiling PHP to .NET Core with Visual Studio Code]

What’s New in the Open Source Atom and Visual Studio Code Editors

David Ramel. ADTMag. 2016-08-05.
Both the Visual Studio Code and Atom open source code editors, which share technology roots, have come out with updates this week.
Besides being free, open source code editors, the two projects share a lineage to the Electron framework developed by GitHub, which continues to sponsor Atom. In fact, Electron was formerly known as Atom Shell, Wikipedia explains. And Microsoft’s VS Code tool also leverages the Electron shell, which was updated along with the code editor in the April release.
Here’s a look at new features announced for both projects this week

[What’s New in the Open Source Atom and Visual Studio Code Editors]