Data Bindings

Delphi Sorcery. 2011-04-30.
Those who already worked with .Net most likely know and like them: data bindings
You can bind almost everything. Like showing collections of objects in tree-, list- or gridviews or editing properties of objects in text-, check- or comboboxes. You can even change the visibitiy or the appearance of controls with them.

[Data Bindings]


Introduction to Design Patterns

Ader González. 1998-01-01.
This will be general introduction to Design Patterns, not a history or a formal discourse. I want to go straight to the heart of the matter with sample implementations in Delphi’s Object Pascal. To pick up the background, look at some of the publications and links listed in the Appendix.

[Introduction to Design Patterns]

Embarcadero Webinar: Mind Your Language!

Embarcadero Webinar: Mind Your Language!
August 17th, Wednesday, 11AM CEST/10AM UK, 60 minutes
The Object Pascal language used in Delphi is constantly evolving. With every new version of Delphi there are smaller and bigger changes added to Delphi compilers and the runtime library. In this one hour webinar we are going to review many different language features that even experienced Delphi developers might not be aware of. Learn new Object Pascal language constructs and start writing cleaner and better code!
The webinar will be followed by the live Q&A session.
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