Artificial Intelligence with Delphi & C++Builder

Boian Mitov. CodeRage XI. Embarcadero. 2016-11-18

[Artificial Intelligence with Delphi & C++Builder]


Qt Creator 4.0 released with integrations and open-source features

Madison Moore. SD Times. 2016-05-11.
The cross-platform application and UI framework Qt announced the release of Qt Creator 4.0.0 today, which comes only a few months after its beta release in March. With this release, several features and integrations are available as open source, including code for the Clang Static Analyzer integration. Qt Creator is a cross-platform IDE that helps developers with application and UI development. With the release of Qt Creator 4.0, Qt is making the Clang Static Analyzer integration, extended QML profiler features, and experimental auto-test integration available as open source.

Qt Creator 4.0 released with integrations and open-source features

The Qt Lite project makes Qt available for any platform, thing or size

Christina Mulligan. SD Times. 2016-08-19.
The cross-platform application development framework Qt is getting stripped down for developers. The Qt company has announced the Qt Lite project, a new initiative to give developers the ability to use only what they need from the Qt framework. “The amount of devices and things surrounding us are rapidly increasing, becoming more intelligent and requiring software that runs on a greater variety of hardware—everything from IoT devices with or without a screen, smartwatches through to high-end smart TVs and industrial-grade PCs. “As the requirements and the world of software development is changing, so does Qt,” wrote Nils Christian Roscher-Nielsen, product manager at Qt, in a blog post.

The Qt Lite project makes Qt available for any platform, thing or size