New Lever language builds on Python’s convenience, aims for PyPy speeds

Serdar Yegulalp. InfoWorld Tech Watch. 2016-08-19.
Lever, a new open source programming language now in its 0.8.0 release, may be inspired by Python, but it doesn’t intend to be limited by it.
Lever’s mission is to be a general-purpose programming language along the sames lines as Python (and Ruby and Perl), with the ability to compile easily to standalone executables and with grammar and syntax that can be customized freely. Its long-term ambition is to rival even the Python JITting compiler PyPy for speed.

[New Lever language builds on Python’s convenience, aims for PyPy speeds]



Lever is a general purpose programming language, in the Perl/Python/Ruby group, with built-in support for GUI applications, including OpenGL, and a packaging feature that makes it easy to distribute applications.
It’s easy to add support for external ‘C’ libraries and the interface is relatively fast.
The language itself is extensible and modifiable and, in general, there is an emphasis on practicality.