Teach a Machine Using Your Camera in Your Browser

Roland Meertens. InfoQueue. 2017-10-05.
In the demo you use your webcam to recognize three different classes of objects or expressions. Based on your camera input, the site shows different gifs, plays prerecorded sounds, or plays speech. No coding of the user is required, and no hyper-parameters or network architecture has to be programmed. The only feedback from the machine the user has, is the confidence the machine has in each of the predicted classes. Based on the recognized class, the machine shows one of three different gifs: a cat, a dog, or a cute bunny. Users can also program several sounds or words, but can’t mix the output modalities. A great explanation of how to use the Teachable Machine can be found on Youtube.

[Teach a Machine Using Your Camera in Your Browser]


Designing a Neural Network in Java From a Programmer’s Perspective

Daniela Kolarova. AI Zone. 2017-07-18.
Learn an approach to programming a neural network using Java in a simple and understandable way so that the code can be reused for various experiments.

[Designing a Neural Network in Java From a Programmer’s Perspective]