Cognitive Services – Enable Natural Language Interaction with LUIS

Ashish Sahu. MSDN Magazine. January 2017
The technological landscape has changed quite radically in recent years. Computing capabilities moved from PCs to smartphones and wearables, while adding even more power to these devices. This advancement in technology has also changed the way we interact with our devices. Physical keyboards have been replaced with software implementations and the input methods changed from stylus to a mere tap of the fingers. It was only a matter of time before we started looking for even more effortless ways to interact with our computing devices.
Speech is how we interact with each other and now we’re at the verge of using speech to also interact with all our smart devices. The recent launch of Bot Framework and Cognitive Services at the Build 2016 conference is a step toward that vision. Among these amazing cognitive services, Language Understanding Intelligence Service (LUIS) provides you with the capabilities to understand the natural language queries and return actionable information that you can wire up in your code to improve the UX.
In this article, I’ll explore the capabilities of LUIS and look at different ways you can use it in your apps and services.

[Cognitive Services – Enable Natural Language Interaction with LUIS]


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