Don Syme Presents F# Design Principles at .Net Fringe

Pierre-Luc Maheu. InfoQueue. 2016-09-13.
Don Syme, creator of F#,  presented at .Net Fringe 2016 an assessment of the current status of F#. He also commented on the duality that exists in F#, a functional language created on a runtime built for object oriented languages.
F# was released under an open source license in 2010. F# walked the .Net path early, as C# and .Net are open source since 2015. Putting F# open source was mainly to increase its credibility. Back at the time, a language had to be open source in order to be taken seriously by developers and companies.
There was a long standing initiative to bring new languages to .Net. Functional programming languages were isolated, running in their own VM. Interops standards (C-calls, COM, CORBA, XML) made language integration difficult.
The F# approach is to use an already well adopted runtime and to compromise where needed. The language is designed with end-to-end interop in mind. This approach is often used for newer languages such as Scala and Swift.
The F# approach is to embrace objects, make them fit with the expression-oriented typed functional programming. While being a functional language, F# also supports classes, abstract classes and interfaces.

[Don Syme Presents F# Design Principles at .Net Fringe]


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