What I Learned Building with ASP.NET Core: Part 1 – Routing

Shawn Wildermuth. Shawn Wildermuth’s Blog. 2016-09-04.
I’ve been digging into ASP.NET Core for quite a while now (from the early betas through the current release). Recently I re-wrote the Atlanta Code Camp website using ASP.NET Core.
Through that process I’ve learned some new lessons about ASP.NET Core and this series of blog posts is going to talk about those lessons. I have no idea how many parts it will have, but I’ll post all that I’ve learned in building a site with real users ; )
Originally, the old Atlanta Code Camp utilized MVC Areas to handle the different years that we held the code camp. I wanted to keep that functionality (and even move prior years to the new site) but I wanted to avoid Areas. I like areas for real site areas, but it felt like a hack to use it for separate years. In addition, the Areas forced me to copy/paste each year and modify them every year.
I’ve just learned about Feature folders in MVC 6 and wish I knew about them as that might be a way I would have segmented the project. If you haven’t seen anything about feature slices, please go read Steve Smith’s great article on it but I’m not going to explain or use them in this post.

[What I Learned Building with ASP.NET Core: Part 1 – Routing]

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