JavaScript framework roulette: How to avoid losing your shirt

Seth Jaslow. SD News. 2016-08-15.
It’s 2 AM, just hours before development is set to begin on your new multimillion-dollar project. While everyone else is sleeping, you’re wide-awake in a cold sweat. “Is that framework we selected really the right one?” you’re wondering. “Will we regret it later?”
Sound familiar? Rest assured, you’re not alone! New JavaScript frameworks are under development at a mind-boggling rate, and selecting the right one is a crucial decision. Choose wisely and your application should see lower development and maintenance costs throughout its lifetime. Choose poorly and you could wind up with an unsupported codebase, few development resources available, and maintenance costs that spiral out of control as the application grows.
To make matters worse, the cost of changing frameworks can be prohibitively high. So this is a key decision that you must make at a time when you have the least amount of information about your project: The very beginning. Before you plunk down all your chips on the latest fad framework, let’s take a look at how to make a solid and informed decision, so you can architect your code to stand the test of time.

[JavaScript framework roulette: How to avoid losing your shirt]


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