How To Be MEAN: Express Input.

Ted Neward. 2015-12-01.
Ted NewardWelcome back, “Nodeists.” (I established that as the semi-official term of endearment for those who use Node.js on a regular basis. If you don’t care for it, drop an e-mail or a tweet with a better suggestion, bearing in mind my other two ideas were “Noderati” or “Nodeferatu.”)
In the previous installment, the application had grown to include some output capabilities, in the form of Web API endpoints for obtaining either the collection of persons (my resource for this application; I seem to be building some kind of people database) or the individual person via an arbitrary “id” given as part of the URL. It’s time to start processing input—the ability to put a new person into the system, remove a person from the system and update an existing person. In some ways, these are “just” new URL endpoints to the application, but there are a few new tricks I want to talk about along the way.
As I mentioned last time, those who are interested in seeing the latest-and-greatest of the code being written as part of this series can visit the Microsoft Azure site that holds the latest of this series’ code ( It’s likely that the text here is out of sync with what’s on the site, given publication schedules, but if anything, the site will be ahead of what’s here, giving readers a look ahead at what’s to come next.
Speaking of the last column, as of the last installment, the code can display existing people in the database, but there’s no modification of them whatsoever yet. Because that’s usually a critical part of any online system, let’s add the “CUD” to the “R” to finish out the CRUD.

[How To Be MEAN: Express Input]


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