Architecture Spinoffs of UXDD

Dino Esposito. MSDN Magazine. 2016-02-01.
Years go by and I’m just happy if I know and can recommend one or two effective ways of doing most software things. Don’t let the emphasis of software marketing fool you. Software improves constantly, but software is not the core business of most companies out there. This means that it’s more than acceptable for companies to keep using the same software for many years. According to the index, in the summer of 2014, Visual Basic 6 was still in the Top 10 of most used programming languages. A year and a half later, it dropped quite a few positions, however. This seems to confirm the trend that the silent majority of companies tend to postpone full rewrites of software as much as possible. Realistically, the silent majority of companies have at least a five-year backlog in software technology that’s still running in their businesses. But when it’s time for companies to update those backlog systems, architects will look for state-of-the-art software.

[Architecture Spinoffs of UXDD]


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