Modern Tools for Web Development: Grunt and Gulp

Adam Tuliper. MSDN Magazine. 2015-12-01.
There are many tools available to the modern Web developer. Two that are often found in today’s Web projects are the JavaScript task runners Grunt and Gulp. Using JavaScript to run a task might seem like a foreign concept if you’ve never done it, or if you’re used to plain vanilla Visual Studio Web development, but there are good reasons to give them a try. JavaScript task runners, which work outside of the browser and typically use Node.js at the command line, allow you to easily run front-end development-related tasks, including minification, concatenating multiple files, determining script dependencies and injecting script references in proper order to HTML pages, creating unit test harnesses, processing front-end build scripts like TypeScript or CoffeeScript, and more.

[Modern Tools for Web Development: Grunt and Gulp]


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