How can I be a faster programmer?

Trausti Thor Johannsson (Quora), 2016-07-22
My former boss once told me that in all his years he had concluded that there were two types of programmers. A fast one and one that seemed to be slow.
The faster one wrote code like there was no tomorrow. He wrote incredible amounts in a day, deleted and re-did, refactored, rethought and banged code all day.
The slow one wrote code, did not seem to refactor much, only deleted a bunch of code seldomly. It was like the code he wrote was close to correct.
At the end of the day, they both seemed to deliver what was asked of them, on time and pretty much the same amount.
I completely belong to the slow programmer group. I can program fast, but feel most comfortable doing things my way, thinking about code, thinking things through, considering all ins and outs.
I have a few friends and coworkers who type like they do in movies, screens, windows just flicker and things happen on what appears to be supernatural speed.
This in my opinion comes down to confidence (and fast typing). The guys above are super confident, my head is full of doubt.
I do deliver on time and usually well under budget though. I seldomly delete a large amount of code, my code usually stands code review.
Get confident, not just on coding, on everything.

[How can I be a faster programmer?]


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