Is computer programming a dying career?

(Quora). 2016-07-28

Richard Eng’s Answer
I just read this article: Coding Academies Are Nonsense.  One of the points the author makes is that computer programming won’t be a career in a few decades because tools that let non-coders build software will become so good and easy to use that computer programmers will be obsolete. Do people think this is true? I suppose every career will eventually be automated out of existence. Is computer programming a career that’s likely to be automated out of existence sooner than most others?
In my 20+ year career, I’ve used C, C++, C#, Fortran, Tandem TAL, Java, Python

[Is computer programming a dying career?]


One thought on “Is computer programming a dying career?

  1. I guess people born before the IoT age are dying as well, fewer and fewer programmers. You should see what what RMS has to say about the glorified IoT. I don’t think C/C++ will disappear because these are very low level languages they were never designed for the web. If tools out do people therefor people become tools. Machines are the dumbest thing on the planet, a programming language is what you need to describe to it input and it gives you output. I’m pretty sure AI research can’t automagically be created out of thin air. Even thinking machines at some point need to be programmed to do so, if they become smart enough for automation then we won’t need the human element. It will be like describing to Enterprise computer how to build virtual landscape and rely on the ability of it’s AI to know what your thinking and want. If they have tools that can do this my mind is officially blown!


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